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Viewing and Downloading Instructions

All data sheets and price lists can be viewed and printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. The newest version of this software is available for download at no cost. Click here to download now.

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Customer Support
Price list and fax order form

The following downloads are presented in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.


   MicroPak Technical Data Sheets
MicroPak Price List
& Order Form

(190k, 5-page)
GreyBox Technical Data Sheets
GrayBox Price List
& Order Form

(190k, 6-page)

No-Risk Sample Offer

There is no substitute for having a real MicroPak or GrayBox enclosure in your hands. You will receive a 15% discount if you indicate on the purchase order form that this is your first order with Lansing. If you find that the product is not what you need when you receive it, return it unmodified for a full refund.


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