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E Style MicroPak Enclosures are characterized by a tubular body consisting of a rugged extruded base with a slide-in flat panel. The base contains multiple tracks for printed circuit boards while the removable panel provides ample space for controls.

The E Style base is an aluminum extrusion that serves as a rugged frame for the enclosure, contains interior tracks for printed circuit boards and the top panel, and receives the screws that fasten the enclosure together. The standard finish is finely-textured powdercoat paint. It is durable and available in several colors.


The top panel is a recessed, flat metal plate that slides into the extruded base. It is available in two thicknesses and a variety of finishes. Holes, inserts or silk-screening are easily added, making it well suited to customization. Overlays are particularly suitable since all edges are protected.

The thinner panel (0.050 in/1.27 mm) is appropriate for applications using overlays and for standard parts that are either vinyl-clad or powdercoat painted. The recommended thickness for overlays is 0.010 in (0.25 mm). The thicker panel (0.060 in/1.52 mm) is appropriate when the desired finish is either clear or black anodize.

While the intended design for the top panel is to be the "top" of the instrument, it should be noted that there are legitimate applications where inverting the design may be beneficial.

Non-skid feet, which prevent the unit from sliding on flat surfaces, are optional on E Style enclosures. When this option is selected, the feet are applied to the extruded base prior to shipping. A recessed area on the bottom surface is suitable for labels.


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