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Each E Style MicroPak Enclosure has multiple sets of tracks for mounting printed circuit boards. These tracks provide an efficient and secure way to hold your boards during assembly and testing and in the completed instrument.

If you have the flexibility to design to MicroPak standards, you will achieve significant cost effectiveness both in terms of enclosure cost and assembly cost. The recommended board widths are 2.51 in (63.8 mm), 3.94 in (100 mm Eurocard standard), 5.28 in (134.1 mm). The recommended length is the same length as the cover and base.

Printed circuit board mounted
in standard MicroPak tracks

Shorter boards may be secured by fastening to a single standoff located near one end of the board (being sure that no components are located in such a way as to impede the board from being slid into place). The same technique can be used to electrically ground a board to the base.

Printed circuit board mounted
to the base via self-clinching
standoffs. May also be mounted
to the slide-in panel.

Narrower boards can be mounted to either the extruded base or the slide-in panel via standoffs. If board-mounted components must extrude through the panel, the PCB should be mounted to the panel.


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