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  Our simplest design uses
a one-piece, seamless extruded tube.


D Style Technical Data Sheets
The D Style Technical Data Sheets are presented in a 9-page Acrobat (PDF) file containing specifications, engineering drawings, and other technical details.


MicroPak Price Lists and Order Form

MicroPak Price Lists and Order Form
The MicroPak Prices are presented in a 5-page Acrobat (PDF) file containing product prices and an order form.


The D Style MicroPak, with its seamless tubular construction, is the simplest of the three MicroPak designs. It is ideal for small desktop and/or handheld instruments requiring limited front and rear panel space. When used in combination with a MicroPak Rack Mount Panel, it is a good choice for rack mounted modular systems that may require that each unit be isolated from the others.

Select from a variety of end configurations. D Style offers the widest range of choices: a two-piece end panel/bezel combination, a solid molded end cap, an extended metal panel and a battery compartment. Non-skid feet may be added for desktop applications.

D Style also offers the widest range of finishes. For applications requiring a high level of cosmetics and durability, they are available in MicroPak's contemporary palette of colors in both warm and cool color families. For applications where an economical "industrial" finish is appropriate, D Style is available with an anodize or iridite finish.

The D Style family has 18 standard sizes (three heights, three widths and a variety of standard lengths) available from stock. We can make almost any length to order.

Each enclosure has multiple tracks for mounting printed circuit boards. These tracks provide an efficient and secure way to hold your board during assembly, testing and in the completed product.

D Style shielding characteristics, resulting from its simple design, are suitable for most applications. For more demanding requirements, optional enhancements are available.

Customization Services

Customization Services
Finishing the Job
Find out how Lansing's customization services can make a MicroPak enclosure part of your product.


Finishing the Job

MicroPak Enclosures can take on a function and personality that's all yours. Whether it be machining or graphics, our experienced staff can provide the customizing details you need, and deliver quality, ready-to-use enclosures at a reasonable cost.

At Lansing, technical support is part of the product. It's our philosophy to work with you to arrive at the optimum packaging solution for your product at the best final price to you. We'll work hard to help you turn your concept into a reality, whether for one enclosure, an initial prototype, or full production.


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