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C Style MicroPak Enclosures are characterized by a tubular body consisting of a rugged extruded base and a formed slide-on cover. The base contains one or more tracks for printed circuit boards. The removable cover permits easy access to the interior.

The C Style base is an aluminum extrusion with a conductive iridite finish.  It serves as a rugged frame for the enclosure, contains both exterior and interior tracks, and receives the screws that fasten the enclosure together.  The exterior tracks position the slide-on cover while the interior tracks provide a convenient way to mount printed circuit boards.


Non-skid feet that prevent the unit from slipping on flat surfaces are standard on every C Style Enclosure, and are applied to the base prior to shipping.  Most C Style Enclosures (N-width excluded) have a recessed area on the bottom surface that is suitable for labels.

C Style MicroPak covers are constructed of heavy-duty vinyl-clad steel to provide durability and a solid feel.  The material is available in several color choices and is lightly textured to match the texture of the mating end configuration parts.

For more stringent shielding requirements, vinyl-clad aluminum covers are available. These covers have a conductive interior surface. For more details see "Shielding" in the menu to the left.


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