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MicroPak Enclosures accommodate your growing product line by providing a comprehensive family of enclosures with complementary appearance and construction across all styles (C, D, and E). The C Style, characterized by a formed cover that slides onto an extruded base, is available in both standard and nonstandard sizes. There are 18 standard sizes in stock - all available in Lansing's full palette of colors. Nonstandard sizes are made to order.

Your first MicroPak will demonstrate how accommodating its design can be, how simply and quickly one can go from prototype to production, and how much it can enhance the presentation of your product. And as you add new products to your line, the look you've already established can be maintained (both within and across styles), minimizing the need for additional development costs, and building on the equity of your earlier product.


The entire MicroPak family (consisting of C, D, and E Styles) is available in ten standard sizes defined by the height and width combinations displayed below.  The C Style is available in the seven sizes indicated. Within each size there are one or more standard lengths (front to back) available from stock. These standard lengths are indicated at the bottom of the table below. Lengths other than these are made to order.





Note that enclosure length is defined as length of cover and base.  Overall length depends on the end configurations chosen. Refer to the C Style Technical Data Sheet.


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