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The C Style MicroPak's design offers inherently good shielding characteristics - sufficient for most applications. For more demanding situations, three enhanced shielding options are available. All entail creating conductive interior surfaces.

T1 security bezel
with NIAC finish

1. Clear iridite finish for end panels: Among the standard panel choices, conductive clear iridite is the preferred finish for applications requiring enhanced shielding. Since it is a soft finish, it may not be as suitable for the cosmetic exterior surfaces. Overlays are recommended in these instances.

2. Nickel acrylic (conductive) bezels: This option provides bezels which have been painted (all surfaces or selected surfaces only) with conductive nickel acrylic. NIAC has a characteristic gray color that is complemented by the platinum and medium gray colors.

3. Vinyl-clad aluminum cover: This option substitutes vinyl-clad aluminum with a conductive iridite interior surface for the standard vinyl-clad steel with a nonconductive painted interior surface. Both materials have the same external appearance.


We recommend that customers who are submitting their products for testing go with an arsenal of options so they can determine which combinations are minimally required to obtain certification. When available, we will be happy to provide complimentary samples for such purposes.


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