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Each end of a C Style MicroPak enclosure can be fitted with one of four configurations: an end panel/thinline bezel combination, an end panel/security bezel combination, a solid end cap, or a battery compartment.

The end panel/bezel combination is the most versatile option and is available on all sizes. The end panel is a flat metal plate which recesses into, and is framed by, the molded plastic bezel. It comes in a variety of finishes and is available for use with pan head or flat head screws. Holes, inserts or silk-screening are easily added, making it well suited for customization. Overlays are particularly suitable since all edges are protected by the bezel. Bezels are available in two styles - thinline and security.



The thinline bezel mounts flush with cover and base providing a streamlined appearance. It has a recess of 0.125 in (3.2 mm) that frames and protects the edges of the end panel. Standard bezels are molded in ABS except for N-width (molded in polycarbonate). The thinline bezel is interchangeable with security bezel and both can use the same end panel.



The security bezel (available on T- and W-widths only) encapsulates cover and base to produce a more "secure" enclosure for harsher applications or simply to provide a different appearance. It has a deeper recess, .340 in (8.64 mm), that helps to protect panel components. It can be used on the same enclosure as the thinline bezel, with the security bezel clearly identifying the front of the instrument.



The solid end cap (available on N-width only), the simplest end configuration, is molded in durable polycarbonate. It is used with flat head screws and can be customized by milling or drilling. It has a shallow recess designed to accept an overlay.



The battery compartment, also molded in durable polycarbonate, houses a 9-volt battery. Access to the compartment is through a sliding cover which snaps securely into position. It specifically fits the N2-size but may be used with any larger MicroPak enclosure as an insert in an end panel, base or cover.


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