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  An optimum thin enclosure designed
for rack-mounted and free-standing applications.

P Style Details


P Style Technical Data Sheets
The P Style Technical Data Sheets are presented in a 6-page Acrobat (PDF) file containing specifications, engineering drawings, and other technical details.


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The GrayBox Prices are presented in a 6-page Acrobat (PDF) file containing product prices and an order form.



The P Style GrayBox, suitable for rack-mounted or free-standing applications, is optimally designed for shallow (one and two rack unit) enclosures. Its distinguishing details include all metal construction, a rugged extruded frame, recessed front panel, flush rear panel, removable top cover and captured bottom cover.

The P Style family has 36 standard sizes - two heights (one and two standard rack units), three widths (full, half and quarter rack) and six depths (six to 16 inches in two-inch increments).

Each P Style Enclosure is composed of six precision-machined, interchangeable parts - two panels, two sides and two covers. Panels and sides are modified I-beam cross sections that assemble to form a rigid structural frame. The bottom cover is captured on all sides and recessed to allow mounting components with up to a size 6 (or M3.5) pan head screw (eliminating the need for countersinking). The top cover, also recessed, slides in from the rear to allow easy access to the interior.

The front panel has an attractive, thin, bezel, allowing for the use of overlays for graphics. The bezel detail protects the edges of the overlay. The rear panel is flush. Both panels can be silkscreened.

Vented sides for airflow are a standard option. An optional configuration that uses the same extruded panel front and rear can be considered for special applications.

Standard finishes are clear anodize and black anodize for panels and sides, and platinum and black vinyl-clad steel for covers. Optional finishes include clear or gold iridite, paint and powdercoat. Unmodified enclosures of standard size and finish are shipped from stock.

Select from a group of accessories to add to the versatility of the standard P Style GrayBox Enclosure. Rack Mounting Kits mount enclosures in standard 19-inch racks. Coupling Screws securely fasten two enclosures side-by-side. Rack Adapter Kits extend sub-rack enclosures to full-rack width. Self-adhesive Non-Skid Feet are available.

Customization Services
  Customization Services
Finishing the Job
Find out how Lansing's customization services can make a GrayBox enclosure part of your product.


Finishing the Job

Graybox Customization

GrayBox Enclosures can take on a function and personality that's all yours. Whether it be machining or graphics, our experienced staff can provide the customizing details you need, and deliver quality, ready-to-use enclosures at a reasonable cost.

At Lansing, technical support is part of the product. It's our philosophy to work with you to arrive at the optimum packaging solution for your product at the best final price to you. We'll work hard to help you turn your concept into a reality, whether for one enclosure, an initial prototype, or full production.


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