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Rack Mounting Kits
Rack Mounting Kits
Use Rack Mounting Kits to mount GrayBox Enclosures in standard 19" racks. The rack mount angles are available in two styles - with and without integral handles. Each kit contains two rack mount angles and four screws.


Rack Width Adapter Kits
Rack Width Adaptor Kits
Use Rack Width Adapter Kits to make sub-rack width enclosures rack width. Each kit contains front and rear panels, two side plates, and hardware. Included are two coupling screws. Full-rack units are available for applications such as patch panels.


Coupling Screws
Coupling Screws
Use these special shoulder screws to fasten two GrayBox Enclosures side-by-side. Two screws are required at each interface. Sold individually.


Non-skid Feet
Non-skid Feet
Use these self-adhesive black feet for free-standing applications. Sold individually.

Rack mounting kits, non-skid feet, rack adapter kits and coupling screws are available for P Style Enclosures and each must be ordered separately.





















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