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GrayBox Customization

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Making a GrayBox part of your product.

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Level 2 Customization

Your application may benefit, functionally and/or financially, from higher levels of customization - optimized extrusions, custom-molded parts, special end configurations, even new designs.

Custom Extrusions

Custom designed extrusions may offer significant advantages - including cost savings.

Imagine a swing-down front panel... a divided panel... or simply one that contains your special styling details. Consider a side extrusion that incorporates an external carrying handle, interfacing brackets, or cooling fins... or an internal detail to support printed circuit boards and other components. Whether you imagine needing only one or multiple exrusions, you will find the cost and lead times most reasonable. Contact Lansing to discuss your ideas and needs.

Internal Structure

Special internal features may enhance the GrayBox concept for your application.

Imagine the simplicity of a central mounting plane with boards and components mounted on either side and easy access from above and below. Consider a more complex internal space frame...extrusion or sheet metal based. You may be pleasantly surprised how quickly and reasonably your desires can be realized. Contact Lansing to discuss your ideas and needs.

New Designs

Lansing Enclosure designs have originated from real customer needs. We have an extensive experience base that we are willing to share with you in an effort to find new designs that directly address your requirements. We look forward to a candid discussion of your needs and the appropriateness of Lansing working to meet them.


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