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GrayBox Customization

Finishing the Job
Making a GrayBox part of your product

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Level 2 GrayBox Customization

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Why you should want Lansing to do your customization:
. Nobody knows our product better than we do
. Experience. It's an everyday part of our business
. Extensive inventory of machinery, fixturing and tooling. Includes proprietary equipment for working with extrusions
. Multiple ways of manufacturing most parts - we can select the most appropriate
. High quality consistent with the basic GrayBox. Finish goes on after machining
. Fast delivery - 15 to 23 working days
. We keep our delivery promises
. Reasonable pricing
. You get the quantity you order - no losses, no overruns
. Option of scheduled releases
. You get efficiency of one-stop shopping (single source)

Level 1 Customization
This term describes a group of custom modifications including special sizes, machining, self-clinching inserts, graphics, overlays and special colors that allow a  GrayBox enclosure to take on a personality that is all yours. And Lansing is uniquely qualified to do it for you. Our experienced production staff can provide the customizing details you need and deliver quality results at a reasonable cost. Scroll down to learn more about Level 1 Customization.

Level 2 Customization
Your application may benefit from even more extensive customization - optimized extrusions, custom-molded parts, special end configurations and even non-standard designs. While these changes are generally economical only at larger quantities, they can address needs for integrating special details to provide functionality or to reduce cost. Use the link at the left to learn more about Level 2 Customization.

Level 1 Customization: Special Sizes

The width dimension (left to right) and depth dimension (front to back) dimension of any GrayBox Enclosure are easily varied. Whether your requirements are for rack standards other than 19-inch or simply an arbitrary size, they can be met at very reasonable cost in virtually any quantity.

Changes to height are Level 2 modifications. While they can entail significant tooling costs, they often become practical in quantities as small as 1000. The customer has the choice of preserving the standard GrayBox styling or altering the design details in order to create a unique appearance.

Machining and Self-Clinching Inserts


Cutouts of virtually any shape


Self-Clinching Inserts
Captive nuts, standoffs or studs


Round or D-Shaped, Plain, Countersunk or Counterbored

Installing your electronics in an enclosure requires the addition of mechanical features. Whether those features require machining holes in panels or the installation of self-clinching inserts , Lansing is equipped and organized to do the work in a timely fashion and at a reasonable price.

Lansing has dedicated drilling, milling, and punching equipment capable of producing cutouts that range from simple round holes to the most complex shapes. We can machine virtually any detail in any part. And when required, we can complete this phase by installing PEM brand self-clinching inserts where you need them.

Usually machining is done before metal finishing. This means the parts will have a uniform finish on all surfaces. Importantly, you receive the net quantity you have ordered without having to be concerned about, or allowing for, parts lost in production setup and scrap.

Remember that we have more than one way to customize most parts. We can look at your machining requirements and quantities and offer you an effective solution - not just any solution.

Graphics, Special Finishes, Colors, and Materials


Available in one or more colors


High-impact graphics

  Special Colors
Meet company standards

Special Finishes
Satisfy shielding requirements

Beginning with camera-ready artwork, provided by you or created by us, Lansing can silkscreen any GrayBox part. The only limitation is that no graphics may fall within 0.150 in (3.8 mm) of a flange on recessed panels. The cost of one-color silk-screening is reasonable even in small quantities.

Overlays are a particularly elegant solution which, more than any other single element, allows your GrayBox to take on a distinctive appearance. Lansing can assist you with the design and specification of graphic overlays for your product. Although we do not manufacture overlays, we'd be happy to refer you to reputable vendors who do. Overlays can be shipped to Lansing for application and secondary mechanical operations. They become cost effective in relatively small quantities.

For those who require special colors, Lansing is prepared to work with you. We encourage customers first to look at overlays as a means of satisfying color needs. Beyond that we can paint and, if necessary, mask to your specification.

The standard GrayBox materials and finishes have been specified carefully, but may not be appropriate for all applications. Special finishes and special materials can be specified. Conductive clear iridite is available on special order - either on all or selective surfaces. Vinyl-clad aluminum can be substituted wherever vinyl-clad steel is standard.

Get the Process Started

Now that you've seen our customizing options, call 800-847-3535 (toll-free) from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada to speak with our technical support group about how we can turn your concept into reality. You can also contact us using the Customer Support tab above or the link below.

To learn more about higher levels of customization, click the "Level 2 Customization" link at the top left.


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