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The B Style GrayBox consists of six parts (two panels, two sides, and two covers) plus hardware. Front and rear panels are identical, as are top and bottom covers. The extruded parts, shown below, convey the strength and ruggedness of the GrayBox design as well as show specific details.

Front Panels

Front and Rear Panels are identical and easy to machine, including selective removal of the screw slot detail when additional interior working space is required.The interior flanges that support the covers can accept screws when extra mounting hardware is desirable. Overlays are particularly suitable since edges are protected by flanges. Silk-screening can also be done.

Side Panels

Side Panels are made from rugged 1/8 in (3.2 mm) thick aluminum extrusion. They are easily machined and contain the threaded screw holes that receive rack mounting hardware. The interior flanges, that support the covers, have mounting holes on 2 in (50.8 mm) centers and hold the cover fasteners.


Vented Side Option
Sides are available with a standard ventilation pattern. Refer to the B Style Technical Data Sheet for specifics concerning slot size and location. In rack mount applications sideways airflow is often the most efficient and unobstructed.


Captive Fastener Option
Captive nuts can be substituted for the standard speednuts. This eliminates the possibility of speednuts falling off or getting lost and provides a means of electrically grounding the side plates.


Ribbed Side Plate Option
Ribbed side plates are available on B2 enclosures. They contain a series of integral tracks for carrying printed circuit boards or horizontal mounting planes, and generally are most useful in half-rack and narrower enclosures. Refer to the B Style Technical Data Sheet for cross section and dimensional information.


B Style Covers

The four-hole, anodized aluminum Covers screw on from above and below for fast, easy access. They fit flush with front, rear, and side panels for maximum available height inside.


6-Hole Cover Option
For even more secure fastening, covers may be ordered with six, rather than the standard four, holes. The additional holes are center front and center rear. 6-hole covers are made from vinyl-clad aluminum with conductive interior surfaces.































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