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The MicroPak and GrayBox Advantages
1. Proven designs save you both development and production time
2. Reasonable pricing at any quantity saves you money
3. Flexible design readily adapts to your specific requirements
4. Quality construction and attractive appearance add value to your product
5. Simple, unobtrusive design allows your product to take on its own unique personality
6. Extensive range of sizes accommodates your growing product line
7. We get it to you fast

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Lansing offers two specialized families of electronic instrument enclosures,
MicroPak and GrayBox.

We market direct, take pride in quality, deliver quickly, and provide strong customer support.

MicroPak™ electronic enclosures are for small, free-standing or hand-held applications. Its design is simple and reasonably priced. It consists of a tube with one or two parts. The tube is sealed using a choice of end configurations. An integral printed circuit board track holds boards securely. A conservative design and a choice of quality finishes makes MicroPak electronic enclosures suitable for even the finest products.

GrayBox™ electronic enclosures are for rack-mounted or free-standing needs. The design offers strength and functionality at an attractive price. It consists of a rigid structural frame of extruded-aluminum modified I-beams, enclosed with sheet metal covers top and bottom. The styling and finish are consistent with the concept of "industrial neat".

Each family has three distinct styles.

These styles are design variations that allow you to optimize your family choice to best fit your particular needs. You'll be able to learn more about each style's special characteristics by using the "Explore Products" tab above. You will find links to overview and detail information for each style which will assist you in your selection process.

We can help you finish the job.

We take great pride in seeing our electronic enclosures become part of your product. Each style's overview page provides a link to information about Lansing's electronic enclosure customization services. They include non-standard sizes, machining inserts, graphics and special finishes. We call this "Level 1 electronic enclosure customization." With additional lead time they can include partial or even complete custom enclosures. This is "Level 2 electronic enclosure customization."

Learn more about Lansing electronic enclosures.

For the full story, we would like to send you our free comprehensive literature package. Use the "Get Literature" tab above. You will be able to download technical data sheets and pricing both at each style's overview page, and from the "Get Literature" tab.

Customer Support is important to us.

We want to be of service to you every step of the way. The "Customer Support" tab links you to our service staff. Whether you need an off-the-shelf product or a fully customized solution, we are here to help.


Get the Lansing
Literature Package

Get Literature
The literature provides you with a permanent record of the information you need to understand Lansing electronic enclosures and select those best suited to your requirements. It includes technical data, price lists and a no-risk sample offer.

About Lansing Instrument Corp.

Lansing designs, manufactures, and sells specialized enclosures for electronic instruments. We work with both large and small firms in an international market. Our sales are direct to our customers without an external sales force.

By being able to talk directly with you and then draw on our manufacturing experience and backgrounds in electrical and mechanical engineering, we can give you technical support both in the selection of the electronic enclosure that best meets your needs and then in the design of custom details. Because you always deal with the people who actually make your electronic enclosures, you receive high-quality products and services in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

We treat our customers with courtesy and respect, and we protect their confidentiality. We keep our promises.

We take exceptional pride in our designs and craftsmanship, even though our name is never visible on our electronic enclosures. Once your product is secure within ours, the result reflects a unity of design and function that is uniquely yours.



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